Fee Development

At James Cubitt Developments we have the technical skills, practical experience and commercial awareness to ensure that your development receives the careful attention it requires. We proactively identify and deploy resources to control the risks and liabilities inherent in the planning, design and construction or re-development of commercial or residential real estate projects. The development process is outlined from the beginning in a feasibility report and marketing plan, helping you navigate through pre-development, financing, development and post development sales.

Our typical services would include:

We provide various JV options to qualifying asset owners whose planned Developments are located in areas of interest to our clients, partners and institutional investors.
A typical scenario may include:

  1. The Asset Owner or (“Partner”) may contribute land into the JV partnership as Equity which shall be determined at a fixed price agreeable to both parties.
  2. JCD will provide access to financing for all future development costs/obligations pursuant to a mutually agreed upon development budget, from approvals and pre-sales/pre-lease through to completion. The development budget shall include development fees payable to JCD
  3. Upon the sale of the project (completely or in-part), the JV Partner and JCD will share the proceeds as agreed

In Nigeria, financial institutions, investors, developers and owners are often faced with non- or under-performing assets for various reasons.
Our Restructuring Services helps such clients to mitigate risk and maximize returns on their distressed commercial real estate loans and assets.

We provide a single point of advisory, analysis and solution services of multiple James Cubitt business lines including:

  • Asset and portfolio valuation and appraisal including strategic business plan review
  • Financial modeling and underwriting for use in the evaluation of alternate options
  • Recapitalizations, loan restructuring, distressed loan sales and workouts
  • Joint venture brokering and advisory
  • Asset management, enhancement and repositioning
  • Partner performance monitoring
  • Property marketing and disposition